Frequently asked questions

What are CCTV security cameras?

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras are commonly used to provide surveillance of buildings and land for security purposes. A CCTV system relies on a series of security cameras being placed purposefully in order to capture a visual record of activity across a specific area. The observation of the CCTV cameras may be monitored from another location.

Why choose CCTV security cameras from Be Secure Facilities?

✓ Our state-of-the-art tilt and pan CCTV security cameras can monitor your vacant property, business premises or construction site around the clock, providing a more cost-effective solution than employing security guards.

✓ Our fully-trained team of installers can install CCTV security cameras anywhere to capture high-definition recordings and relay them to our operatives monitoring your site 24 hours a day.

✓ Our CCTV cameras can be integrated with infra-red movement sensors, providing an enhanced security solution for your site.

✓ Recorded footage can be viewed to see if there is a genuine need for a response or whether it is a false alarm i.e., the system has been activated by an animal. In the event of an intrusion the footage can be used to identify the perpetrator and for any subsequent criminal proceedings.

✓ We will provide you with a user logins so you can access your security system at any time. Logins for other key holders can also be provided free of charge.

✓ We can delivery and install our CCTV security camera nationwide and we offer follow up Maintenance packages specific to you.

Installing CCTV security cameras on your site can also act as a visual deterrent for trespassers, and reduce your chances of intrusion. If you would like more information about our CCTV security cameras, contact our knowledgeable team who will be happy to guide you through the best solution for your requirements.