Intruder Alarms

Hard Wired Alarms

Be Secure fit the very latest intruder alarm panel so you have peace of mind when leaving you home, you know it will be safe and secure. With key fob setting and unsetting facility as well as code setting you are totally in control.

Be Secure offers a competitive maintenance contract that will ensure your alarm system is fully operational and in good working order to protect your home or business.

We offer a range of wired and wireless alarm tailor-made to suit your needs and get the best possible protection so you have peace of mind that your alarm is protecting your property or business with no area left unprotected

You can stay in control of your intruder alarm with the latest application that allows you from your mobile phone to receive notification if you're alarm has been triggered for whatever reason. We also offer a product called a speech dialler which will contact you if your alarm is going off.

Our system has a wide range of accessories such as -

• Door Contacts

• PIR detectors

• Pet detectors

• Dual technology detectors (ideal for garages and sheds)

• Panic buttons

• Smoke Alarms

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